Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Your IT infrastructure in the form of switches, routers, and hubs is a critical chain in your business operations. Off-shoring IT Infrastructure monitoring is a sure way to reduce your overall technology costs, but have you really hedged your risks?

Monitoring all the IT Infrastructure components

Smartshore offers a critical advantage in remote IT Infrastructure monitoring. In collaboration with its Indian operations, Smartshore watches all your IT Infrastructure elements, 24X7X365. Smartshore and its Indian operations monitor more than 12,000 routers, 23,000 switches, 39,000 leased lines, 18,000 CDMA units and 30,000 ISDN lines for its customers today.

Monitoring Tools

This IT Infrastructure monitoring requires connecting with the client's IT Infrastructure remotely using efficient telecom links (VPN, Citrix, dedicated lines). Once connected we use our Extended NOC processes for performance monitoring, proactive problem alerting and IT Infrastructure tuning of customer?s networks. Our Extended NOC processes include proprietary remote management software for access to each and every IT Infrastructure element and reporting tools generating real time performance reports on the IT Infrastructure performance. The India team presents a great opportunity for our American and European clients to monitor their networks 24X7 in a very cost efficient manner.

The monitoring activities include:

  • Remote monitoring – SNMP based Device/ Port monitoring, LAN/WAN elements and link mointoring
  • 24X7 Proactive monitoring ensures uptimes
  • Monitoring IT Infrastructure availability
  • Monitoring IT Infrastructure performance – real time generation of IT Infrastructure performance monitoring data helping the customer to take informed IT decisions
  • Trend Analysis – Causal and pattern analysis to identify IT Infrastructure bottlenecks and potential outages
  • Application response monitoring and assurance
  • Monthly recommendations report
  • Telecom Vendor Management
  • IT Infrastructure availability and Utilization analysis
  • Automation
  • Reporting
  • Alerting

Also, at the same time, Smartshore offers a single point presence in US, which will ensure efficiency in operations, speedier processes and better collaboration.

Now, you can enjoy the benefits of off-shoring, and the servicing of the US counterpart!